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Continued Deterioration in Origination Quality
8/11/2020 1:05 AM
As home lenders and investors have recently been a little more relaxed about credit qualifications compared to just after the crisis, mortgage quality has weakened. Still, quality is better than before the crisis.....During the past three years, the quality of residential loans originated has weakened, though credit quality remains far strong...Read More
Best Mortgage Lenders By Category
8/11/2020 1:05 AM
A report based on a recent survey of consumers who were shopping for a residential loan has identified the best home lenders in a variety of categories -- including government programs, jumbo loans and online services.....The 10-question survey of prospective mortgage borrowers found that before they applied for a home loan, 40 percent checke...Read More
Business Falls to 6-Month Low at Freddie
8/11/2020 1:05 AM
New business at the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. retreated to its lowest level in six months. Delinquency, meanwhile, remained at its lowest level in a decade.....When September was over, Freddie Mac"s total mortgage portfolio stood at $2.1513 trillion -- including a $0.2278 trillion in mortgage investments and $1.9235 trillion in outstan...Read More
Large Agency MSR Offering Hits Market
8/11/2020 1:05 AM
Bids are being sought for servicing rights on a large portfolio of agency mortgages. The offering has a moderate concentration of Golden State and Sunshine State loans.....Mortgage servicing rights on 20,168 residential loans that had a collective unpaid principal balance of $5.232 billion as of Sept. 30 are being sold through the auction pro...Read More
Mortgage Rates Up 92 BPS From Year Ago
8/11/2020 1:05 AM
Over the past year, weekly fixed interest rates on single-family loans have soared 92 basis points. But little change was reported from last week, and more of the same is expected.....On conventional loans utilized to finance a home purchase with amounts up to the conforming mortgage limit of $453,100, thirty-year fixed rates averaged 4.77 pe...Read More